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There is beauty hiding in surfaces in your homes and businesses. Our goal is to renew these surfaces to that initial "beauty" with state of the art technology, ongoing education, and a passion for creating a customer service experience like none other in the Tri-state.

Just look around for that "hidden beauty". Is it in the kitchen floor tile and grout? What about that pool deck? Sometimes beauty hides in our bathrooms or basement floors. But don't just look down.... look AROUND!!!

What about that retaining wall? What color is being hidden on that wood deck or privacy fence? Concrete walls, sidewalks, steps, and walkways.

But don't stop there. Bella Vita can also restore the carpeting in your home and even in your car

It is a "BEAUTIFUL LIFE" just look around and let us help you find the beauty in your life!!!

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

We utilize the most advanced technology to clean and restore your floors back to their natural beauty!


First we apply EPA friendly emulsifiers to loosen the dirt and grime that has acumulated.


We use patented technology to deliver a "contained" pressure (up to 3000psi) to power thru built up solids that hide the beauty of your surfaces.


We use (depending on surface type) up to 200 degrees of focused heat.


Our patented technology uses industry leading power to remove the dirt, water, and emulsifier leaving your floors not only super clean, but virtually dry!!

Tile & Grout

Sandless Hardwood

Health/ VCT

Carpet Cleaning

Before & After

Brick Pavers Ceramic
Concrete Marble
Slate Travertine

ETS 180

ETS Health can help

  • -ETS 180 floor coating creates a single membrane over the entire surface area, eliminating seams where contamination collects
  • -Coated floors are easy to clean, and keep clean, using only hot water
  • -Coated floors look great and retain their appearance for 3-4 years or more

ETS Health certified installers have received comprehensive training in cleaning, prepping and coating floors with the ETS 180 product.

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